Music Ministry- Music is part and parcel of who we are as Apostolic Pentecostals. Our music is Unabashedly Pentecostal, Unmistakably Apostolic and Undeniably Anointed! As with all churches, satisfying musical tastes is a challenge, our music ministry works diligently to ensure the music is qualitative, tasteful and above all anointed!

Children’s Ministries- Age appropriate material and ministry every Sunday morning. Energetic, active and aimed at excellence, each age group has full blown Children’s Church service. Interactive, progressive Children’s Ministry is happening at The Lighthouse. Relevant, effective and anointed.

Outreach Team- From door knocking and fliers to public events, our outreach coordinators guide all of the outreach endeavors in clear, functional and attainable methods. There are no high rise buildings in Baker City so outreach is hard work in rural areas but is essential to productive, profitable ministry. Here at The Lighthouse we are committed to outreach; whether it be canvassing, advertising or word of mouth, outreach is who we are.

Cleaning Team- Some would question the need to have Cleaning as a ministry. It goes without saying first impressions are lasting impressions.  To most, the cleaning responsibilities of the church are left to “whomsoever will”, at The Lighthouse, responsible, purpose bound people use this opportunity to declare to our guests… “You Matter!”

Hospitality Team- Like the cleaning team this is one area of ministry upon which we place an enormous amount of focus. They strive to be the face of The Lighthouse at every service. A lot of time is spent revisiting our ministry responsibilities in the greeting staff. Again this is not a “whosoever will” ministry. Statistics vary but suffice it to say you have but a few minutes to make the right impression. Some even suggest you have less than 15 minutes to sufficiently impact guests to such an extent they will want to return.

Van Ministry- The mission of the Van Ministry is to give people of all ages the opportunity to worship in truth and to be filled with the Holy Ghost. This is accomplished by providing transportation to and from church services. We are also committed to building relationships in the community which will open doors for bible studies and discipleship.